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Founded in 2012 by Courtney Peper, the studio was created to inspire an environment of health, personal greatness, and community. The Body Space Studio is a yoga, pilates, and barre centre you can go to that is flexible and welcoming.


Empowerment, Quality, Connection, Community, and Caring

are our core values that we incorporate into The Body Space on a daily basis, and ultimately into our lives. We strive to support one another on each other's goals and wish nothing but the success for everyone we encounter!

We are passionate about  movement; the movement of our bodies, minds and breath.  We want how you move to energize and transform you physically, mentally and emotionally.  In short, we want for you to leave our space feeling better than before you came.  How you feel in your body will only carry over into your life and all your relationships in an uplifting and healthy ways.   We want your body to smile.


Together we form a movement.  We inspire others through our commitment to action.  We take a stand in caring for ourselves, first,  in order to be of service to others. How our bodies move and feel is important to us and will only enhance our communities both large and small.


We start with our bodies first to create the space to change for the better.

How We Move

Sustainably: lifelong commitment to learning and growing through education of our body’s movements and its anatomical functions.

Mindful:  Your mind will be exercised as well as your body.  We incorporate using  mind techniques to create healthy movement patterns to restore and refresh your body’s functioning.

Safe:  We aim to keep your body safe while moving.  All of our movement modalities are safe while promoting healthy joint mobility..  

Bright: we want every movement to matter.   

Effective: time is limited for us; so we want your movements to be most beneficial to your time spent at our space.


(409) 762-2639

1914 45th St, Galveston, TX 77550

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